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Q. Is It Good to Be a  Bitch?

Answer by Nahnatchka Khan, creator/executive producer/writer on the hit ABC show Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23.

A. If you look up bitch in the dictionary, you’ll find a few definitions:

1. A malicious, spiteful person, especially a woman;

2. A lewd or immortal woman;

3. Something that is extremely difficult, objectionable, or unpleasant.

To me, those all feel very unsatisfying. Yes, a bitch may be spiteful, lewd, and difficult, but she can also be so much more. So I’m adding a new definition for bitch.

4. Someone who lives by her own rules; unconcerned with the opinions of others; free.

There are few things more fun than watching girls make poor choices unapologetically. That’s why I was so excited to create the character of Chole (played by Krysten Ritter) for my show, Don’t Trust the B**** in Apartment 23. The idea of the character who follows her own moral compass, which is clearly broken, appeals to me greatly.

I can honestly say that the most memorable and exciting women (and men, for the record) I’ve known could definitely — and lovingly — be described as bitches. They are the ones you want to be around, the ones who could leave you stranded at a ridiculous party in a fringy part of town and you can’t stay mad at them for it. Because chances are, you wouldn’t have been at that party if it weren’t for them. Bitched can be many things, but they’re never boring.

Here’s the thing about bitches: We secretly envy them. They don’t play be society’s rules of what is normal or acceptable behaviour. They are TFFF: tough, fabulous, fun, and free. And who doesn’t want to be that?

On TV, there have to be characters you identify with, but there also have to be characters that shock and titillate you (that’s why the B isn’t the occupant of apartment 23). And that’s also true in life. You need people to challenge you to talk to that cute guy at the bar, to speak up in that meeting. And I’m glad to say I truly feel like women are embracing their inner bitches more than ever. They’re going after what they want with a confidence that’s both empowering and a bit reckless….in the best possible way. We all could benefit from a dose of Bitch Think. It might makes things messier, but it sure as hell makes life a lot more fun.